Air Duct Cleaning – We Diagnose With A Camera

The air duct system is a complex labyrinth that, through time, accumulates an alarming amount
of dust and debris. While this may sound like a job for your trusty feather duster, it’s always best
to err on the side of caution. You should check the extent of pollutants that have settled in your
air ducts first.

Here at Dr. FreshAir, we do air duct cleaning with camera. We free diagnosis of your air ducts
before we get to work so we know just what we’re up against.
Why is it important to carry out air duct cleaning with camera? We’ve listed the benefits of air
duct inspection and cleanup for you below.

1. You can check the amount of work to be done before you get started

As with any thorough clean-up job, we want to be able to survey the space so we can
come up with a plan that is efficient and thorough. We usually perform our air duct
cleaning with camera to make prepare the right tools and equipment for the job.

2. You can make sure that air ducts have been thoroughly cleaned after

Here at Dr. FreshAir, we take pride in an air duct cleaning job well done. After we have
done our task, we take a final check by air duct cleaning with camera. This ascertains
that we have cleaned every nook and cranny of your air duct to the best of our abilities.
Only after we have verified the success of the air duct cleaning with camera can we
proudly throw the towel after a long day.

So there you go–two very compelling reasons that prove how important it is for air duct cleaning
with camera. With Dr. FreshAir, you can get a free diagnosis with a camera to see if you really
need your air duct clean.

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