How Do You Know It Is The Time To Clean Your Dryer Vent

In all my years in the dryer vent cleaning business, one question continues to echo from one customer to
another: how do I know that it’s time to have my dryer vent cleaned?

To be honest, there is no quick and fast answer to this question. This is why I’m sitting down to find the
time to address the question once and for all. Here at Dr. FreshAir, we take the following signs as the
dryer’s way of saying that it’s time for a dryer vent cleaning.

1. It takes more than one cycle to dry the laundry

Typically, drying your clothes should take one cycle at approximately 35 to 40 minutes. However, if your
dryer vent is clogged or is no longer working properly, the time and the number of cycles might vary. So, if
your clothes aren’t dry at the end of one cycle, then it’s time for a dryer vent cleaning.

2. You feel you entered a steam room instead of your laundry room when drying your clothes

This might be a familiar scenario that should tell you it’s time for a dryer vent cleaning: you leave the
laundry room for a while. When you re-enter the room, you feel like you’ve just entered a steam room.
While it is normal for your appliance to feel hot after a normal cycle, the room should not feel like a sauna
room at midday. Do yourself a favor and enlist the help of professionals for dryer vent cleaning right

3. It’s been more than a year since the dryer vent was cleaned

By the rule of thumb, you should have dryer vent cleaning should be don every year. If you stick to this
once-a-year cleanup, then you might just extend the life of your dryer vent and keep your family and
home safe.

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