Dryer Vent Cleaning – Do It Before You Sell Your House

Selling your home can be a big project. You need to ensure that you home is in
perfect condition if you expect buyers to make a bid. This means remodeling,
repainting, repairing, and sometimes even reconstruction. But there is something
that many homeowners forget to do – dryer vent cleaning.
The question is – why is dryer vent cleaning so important before you sell your
house? Here are a few reasons.

– Safety

Blocked or dirty dryer vents are a fire hazard. The lint from the clothes in
the dryer build up in its vent over a period of time, blocking it and causing
the dryer to overheat. And when the dyer gets too hot, the lint catches fire.
These fires are dangerous and, in fact, account for the majority of residential
fires in the US.

– A Well-Take Care-Of Home

When a buyer assesses a house, he or she looks for how well that house has
been maintained. And since this is a huge investment, buyers will inspect the
house from top to bottom. Every nook and cranny – including the dryer
vents – will be inspected.
When a buyer sees that regular maintenance such as dryer vent cleaning has
been carried out, he or she will know that your house has been well taken
care of. Which will be a point in your favor.
And simple dryer vent cleaning will increase the value of your property!

– Lower Utility Bills

A well-maintained house is more efficient. Appliances, when taken care of,
work better and also improve the carbon footprint of the house.
Dryer vents that are not clean can lead to higher utility bills, which could put
off buyers. So, a simple step of getting dryer vent cleaning done can improve
the efficiency of your house, making it a more attractive option for the

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