Air Duct Cleaning – Hiring a Company vs. Doing It Yourself

Cleaning the air duct for your dryer is a very important chore – something that
cannot be postponed since it can be dangerous. After all, most of the residential
fires that take place are caused by dirty dryer air ducts.
So, if you need to get your dryer vent cleaning done, should you do it yourself, or
should you call in the professionals? It is actually highly recommended that you
hire a company to do the dryer vent cleaning, and here’s why.

– Safety

Unless dryer vent cleaning is thorough, it will pose a threat to you home at
all times. DIY kits that you can buy off the shelf are not as effective as the
equipment used by professional cleaners in being able to catch all the lint
and dirt from the vent.
Lint is what causes fires in dryers, so if you don’t catch all of it, you are
compromising the safety of your home and those in it.

– Cleaning Equipment

Dryer vent cleaning can be a complicated process. You will need to figure
out where the opening of the vent is, where the exit is, and if your vent is
really long or curved, you will need specialized equipment to clean the vent
Professionals can carry out the job of dryer vent cleaning easily as they have
the right kind of equipment for the job.

– Speedy and Damage Free

The dryer vent cleaning can be a cumbersome process, and the DIY brushes
that you use can damage the vents, creating a bigger safety hazard. Added to
that, if you’re doing the dryer vent cleaning on your own, it can take a long
Professionals will ensure that there is no damage done during the cleaning
process, or, if there is any damage, it will be covered by their insurance.

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