Why Is It Better to Use a Company to Clean a Dryer Vent?

Believe it or not, but dryer vent cleaning is a critical part of fire safety in a home.
According to the US Fire Administration, 2,900 fires in homes are caused by dirty
dryer vents.
Now, you can do the dryer vent cleaning yourself as a DIY project or you can call
in the professionals to do the job. Having said that, it is highly recommended that a
professional dryer vent cleaning service be used. Here are the reasons why:

– Thorough Cleaning

If a dryer vent is not cleaned thoroughly, the risk of fire still remains. When
you clean your dryer vent yourself, you may not have all the equipment
needed to carry out a complete cleaning, especially when the ducts in your
home are really long.
A professional dryer vent cleaning service has the right kind of equipment to
make sure that your dryer ducts are completely cleaned, even when they are
as much as 40 feet in length.

– The Right Equipment

Professional dryer vent cleaning services have the right kind of equipment to
ensure that the vents are cleaned without being damaged. The DIY kits you
find in hardware stores usually have lint brushes, whose bristles can damage
old or brittle tubing.
Professionals use specialized hoses that push out the debris completely –
without damaging the vents.

– Extending the Life of Your Appliances

When a professional cleans your dryer vent, it means that there will be
absolutely no debris left. Unfortunately, a DIY vent cleaning does not
achieve the same results.
And when a dryer vent is not cleaned properly, the dryer works that much
harder to do the same job. This means the life of your appliance is shortened
and you pay higher utility bills.

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