Why It Is Important to Inspect Your Airduct With A Camera Before We Clean It

Airducts are a network of large tubes that conduct air from your central heating
and cooling unit. Airduct cleaning is a critical part of keeping your home free of
germs and dust.
Before we being the process of airduct cleaning, we need to inspect the ducts with
a camera. We snake a small digital camera into the airducts to get a real-time view
of what the condition of the ducts are.

Why A Video Inspection Before Airduct Cleaning

Here are the main reasons why a video inspection is necessary before we stating
cleaning the airducts.
– To see the condition of the air ducts before the airduct cleaning process
– To see if there are any obstructions in the air ducts that need to be removed.
– To ensure that the airduct cleaning process was thorough and that there is no
debris left over after the process has been completed.
It is important to know that airduct cleaning is not an easy process. Those ducts are
winding and difficult to access, and the dirt and dust that has collected over the
days, months or even years, can be very difficult to remove.
Which is why specialized cleaning equipment is required for the airduct cleaning
process, equipment that can loosen the caked-up debris, and then suck out all the
loosened debris from the ducts – without allowing the dust particles to enter your
home’s living environment.

Ask for a Camera Inspection Before the Cleaning Starts

There are many companies that do not carry out video inspections before cleaning
a home’s airducts. However, it would be in your best interests to ask for a camera
inspection before the airduct cleaning process starts. That way you know how dirty
your home’s airduct system was and whether the cleaning was done thoroughly.

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