Dyer Vent Best Practices

Dyers lead simple lives–all they have to do is to dry up the clothes that you load into them.
While this may seem easy enough, there are still plenty of misconceptions around the proper
use of this household appliance. What exactly are some of the best practices to make sure that
your dryer vents will work properly and efficiently? We’ve made a list to find out how to properly
take care of these.

1. Keep the vents pointed away from your house

This first rule may not contribute to the health of your dryer vent, but it will surely keep
your house, your belongings, and your loved ones safe. You see, dryers blow hot and
moist air into your clothes to gradually dry them out. If you vent your dryer directly to
your house, you’ll likely welcome molds into your home. Not only is this a health hazard,
but it can do some structural damages to your property too.

2. Use aluminum pipes for dryer venting

Wouldn’t it be a lot more convenient to simply use the white plastic hose that usually
comes with the dryer? We bet it would, but that’s just going to do more harm than good.
An aluminum pipe, on the other hand, will be able to facilitate a smoother passage of the

3. Insulate your dryer vents

If you absolutely need the vent to go through a crawlspace or through your basement,
then at least make sure that it is insulated. This way, you can prevent moisture from
condensing inside your house.

4. Clean your dryer vents regularly

Whether it’s a buildup of lint or a reduction in the airflow, it pays to have your dryer vent
regularly checked and cleaned by professionals.
Need assistance in cleaning up your dryer vents? We provide dryer vent cleaning in Atlanta.
Ask us more about our services here at Dr. Freshair today.

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