3 Ways To Know If Your Dryer Vent Is Clogged

Often overlooked yet overworked, dryers are an important part of every household. To keep
these appliances working to their full capacity at all times, it’s important to have them cleaned
regularly. So how would you know if your dryer is overdue for a good and thorough cleaning?
Here are some telltale signs that you need to watch out for when it comes to dryers.

1. It takes too long for your clothes to dry

Think about it: what is the usual cycle time for your dryer? If you’ve noticed that you now
need to set aside more time for your clothes to dry, then this is one of the first warning
signs of a faulty dryer vent.
There might be an obstruction or a clog in the vent, so make sure to have that checked
and fixed right away.

2. Your clothes are too hot off the dryer

Typically, your clothes should be nice and warm after a cycle or two inside the dryer.
However, it should not trap too much heat as well. If you can barely touch your clothes
after a few tumbles in the dryer, then it’s time to call for back-up. Not only will this
eventually ruin your clothes, but this is a fire hazard too.

3. There’s a moldy smell coming from the dryer vent

One common reason for a faulty dryer is mold or mildew in its vents. This is quite
common because these things thrive in damp environments, and the laundry room
seems like the perfect breeding ground for it.
Notice any of these telltale signs exhibited by your dryer? Then don’t hesitate to call Dr. Freshair
for a dryer vent cleaning in Atlanta. We’ll provide quick, thorough, and safe services to keep
your dryers working in tiptop shape. Schedule an appoint with Dr. Freshair today!

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