How Exactly Are Air Ducts Cleaned?

Between cleaning the air that you breathe and keeping the temperature at a comfortable level,
air ducts are indeed crucial in every household. The only maintenance that these ducts need
from you in return is regular cleaning. But what exactly does this cleaning process look like? We
outline the airduct cleaning process for you in the article below.

The Nikro Negative Air vs the Rotobrush System

Typically, there are two air duct cleaning systems that most agencies use. Let’s take a look at
how these two vary in terms of the steps that they take.

The Nikro Negative Air Process

Compressed air–this is the Nikro Negative Air’s weapon of choice when it comes to cleaning. It
uses a mechanism that blows air into the vent so that dust and debris will be dislodged. It’s a
one-step process that is effective and quick.

The Rotobrush System

The Rotobrush is the more traditional process of the two. This process makes use of a rotating
brush head that is inserted in the ducts for thorough cleaning. This is then finished off with a few
rounds of fogging to make sure that bacteria and any other contaminant is completely removed
from the ducts.

The Dr. Freshair Service

Here at Dr. Freshair, we believe in a more thorough approach. Much like the Rotobrush, we use
a rotating brush that is attached to a heavy-duty vacuum. This way, we can make sure that we
sweep away any debris, dust, and dander from your air ducts. We’ll sweep through every nook
and cranny until we’re completely satisfied that the air ducts are spick and span.
We’ve developed our process of airduct cleaning down to an art. No air duct is too dirty nor too
full of grime for our team of professionals–so give us a call today!

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