Common Questions About Dryer Vent Cleaning

When not used and cleaned properly, dryer vents can be a threat to the safety in your home.
This is why it’s important to get to know this often overlooked yet integral part of any well-
functioning household. Part of this endeavor is to make sure that the company that will service
your dryer vent is qualified for the job. To help you, we’ve outlined some of the most popular
questions that you should as your contractor before you decide on hiring them.

What exactly can I expect from a dryer vent cleaning service provider?

The short answer is this: we will make sure that your dryer vent is clean and working properly.
Now here’s a more thorough answer: a professional contractor will make sure that the airflow is
smooth and temperature-controlled as they pass through the vents. If it isn’t, then we’ll clean it
up and install it back in for you.

Is dryer vent cleaning really important?

A faulty dryer vent that leads inside your house poses a serious threat. The degree of negative
effects will vary from lint in your clothing and molds in your home, all the way to the possibility of
your vent causing a fire in your home.

Do I need to have my dryer vent cleaned often?

This actually depends on the frequency of use and the number of people in your household. But
generally, you should have your vents checked on a yearly basis. This way, you can make sure
that they will function efficiently longer.

With proper maintenance and the right usage, your dryer vents can last for as long as you
properly take care of them. If you want to start doing this practice and are looking for a company
that does vent dryer cleaning in Atlanta, then you have come to the right place.

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