Is Air Duct Cleaning Necessary

Did you know that the quality of air in your home or office largely depends on how clean your air
duct is? Often loaded with dust and pollutants, these ventilation systems are often the cause for
unexplainable wheezing and sneezing in your household or workplace.

The easy solution to all the build-up in your air ducts: airduct cleaning. What is the importance of
airduct cleaning and is it really necessary? We’ve listed some ways that you and your loved
ones can benefit from a thorough airduct cleaning from us here at Dr. FreshAir.

1. You’ll be able to maintain excellent air quality

Clean air ducts mean clean air that circulates in both your household and office space.
To make sure that there are no allergens flitting about in your space, subject your vents
to regular airduct cleaning.
This extra measure will not only improve the air in your property but also the health of
those who live there.

2. You’ll save electricity more efficiently this way

Just think of it this way: all those dust and dander and pollen make it more difficult for
your ventilation system to work more efficiently. So, to unburden the system, you should
subject it to regular airduct cleaning. This way, your furnace or air conditioner won’t have
to work extra hard just to keep the temperature of your space at a level that is
comfortable for you.

3. Your cooling and heating system will work longer

Clogged furnace and air conditioner can significantly shorten your equipment’s lifespan.
To make sure that you enjoy your systems longer, make sure that you regularly ask the
pros to perform airduct cleaning.
Duct cleaning is no easy task to do by yourself, so be sure to enlist the help of the professionals
here at Dr. FreshAir. We value you and your family’s well-being, so you can expect a thorough
job from us all the time.

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