Why Dirty Vents Cause Dirty Air?

The main driving force behind the operations here at Dr. FreshAir is simple: we want everyone
to feel healthy and safe in their own environment. And, you might not know it, but the number
one environment hazard in your property can be traced back to dirty vents.

You need regular vent cleaning to counter the effects of pollutants and dust in your home. But
you might be thinking along the lines of how do dirty vents cause dirty air anyway?

We answer this and more in the article below–hopefully, this inspires you enough to secure vent
cleaning services afterward.

1. Dirty vents store dust and other allergens

Dust, pollen, dander–these are the common allergens that settle into your vent at home
or in the office. So, if you’ve been sneezing and if your eyes are watering inexplicably,
then it might be high time for some vent cleaning.

2. Dirty vents are where rodents and insects take residence

Naturally, you want your space to be free of any serious health threat. With rodents and
insects hiding away in your vents, their little bristly hair will likely be one of the things that
you inhale. Keep this from happening with regular vent cleaning done by professionals.

3. Dirty vents keep your home ventilation and cooling systems from working properly

Another reason for you to get regular vent cleaning is to make sure that your ventilation
works to its full abilities. Without proper filtering and air ventilation system, dirty and
stuffy air will just keep on circulating in the room with no way to escape. This means that
you will be continuously breathing contaminants and allergens too. Your best course of
action: enlist the services of the pros for some thorough and well-executed vent
cleaning. It all boils down to the right service provider, really.

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