All You Need To Know About Dryer Vents

Have you ever wondered about the mechanism of your clothes dryer? If you have, then you’ve
likely discovered its driving force: the dryer vent. It is in charge of making sure that your clothes
are nice and dry enough, without it catching fire. Get to know more about this simple yet very
useful device in the article below.

1. Dryer vents expel air

First of all, your dryer is basically a drum where you tumble your wet clothes in until it
dries up. This is what we see, but what exactly goes on inside our clothes dryer? Well for
one, the dryer vent will heat the air inside so that the moisture will be sucked in back to
the vent. The vent then expels this hot yet wet air into the opposite end.

2. There are various types of dryer vent tubes

Among the major types of dryer vent tubes, you can choose between an aluminum one,
a semi-rigid metal conductor, or a rigid metal duct. The most common choice is the
aluminum foil duct because it is affordable and is easy to manage.

3. You can install the tube yourself

With just the simple tools you have at home, you can take it upon yourself to install your
own vent or tube. All you have to do is to cut through your wall and connect your metal
tube to the dryer and the other end to the hole leading outside.

4. You should have the vents cleaned regularly

Faulty dryer vents can lead to a fire. Naturally, you want to keep this danger from
happening and you can do this by having your vents regularly cleaned. You can take on
this task yourself, or leave this to the professionals.
Cleaning your dryer vent is a dangerous task that requires skill and the right know-how. If you’re
looking for professionals who can do the job of dryer vent cleaning in Atlanta, then you’ve come
to the right place here at Dr. Freshair.